GIG50 Combo

Designed for GIGging around

The chassis

Dimensions (cm): 44x29x44 (h)
Dimensions (inches):
17,3×11,4×17,3 (h)
13 kg / 28,5 lb

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GIG50FS Combo Maple Red- Valvestate amp - GLB Sound
GIG50FS Combo Maple Red- Valvestate amp - GLB Sound

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The Combo

A dream that comes true. A 50w tube amp with a resonant solid wood cabinet handmade for your needs. We decided to make the combo version of the GIG50 to meet the demand of the jazz player who needs a practical, powerful and lightweight instrument.
We redesigned the cabinet structure to get the best vibration of the cabinet even in a semi-open cabinet and we introduced two key, exclusive functions. The HFD (High Frequencies Diffuser) that reduces the directivity of the speaker, and spreads evenly the sound in the room, and the integrated tilt-back system: from now on you won’t need any external support for your amp.

 Standard models

GIG50 Combo is available in two standard models, with a limited number of customizations of tonewood and color. If it is not enough for you, scroll down and discover all the possible customization of the GIG50!


One channel and two knobs. Imagine forgetting about the gear and focusing your attention on the music alone. It’s not just a dream, with the GIG50FS your dreams become reality. Volume and tone, your fingers’ sole concern will be triggering emotions.

Controls volume and tone
Power tubes
Preamp tubes 1x12AU7 and 1x12AT7
Power  50 W
Speaker Jensen P12Q
GIG50FS - GLB Sound - Combo

GIG50FS Combo (standard)

Price: 1980 € + VAT


The evolution of the GIG50FS: it has a built-in spring reverb driven by two preamp tubes. You just need to plug in your guitar and play without thinking about how to set your amplifier. Set the volume, correct the timbre with the tone knob and blend the amount of reverb to warm your sound. Everything is under control.

Controls volume, tone and reverb
Power tubes
Preamp tubes 1x12AU7 and 1x12AT7
Power  50 W
Reverb type
spring reverb
Reverb tubes
12AX7 and 12AT7
Speaker Jensen P12Q
GIG50R - GLB Sound - Combo

GIG50R Combo (standard)

Price: 2270 € + VAT

Every GIG50 Combo (FS and R versions) has the following features included:


Standard tonewoods for GLB Sound Amp

Wood Colors

Standard colors - GLB Sound Amp


Leather handles for GLB Sound Amp


Natural cloth for GLB Sound Amp


Tailored leather cover for GLB Sound Amp

If you want more, customize the GIG50 according to your style! You can select yours, among all the GLB Sound tonewoods. Then you can pick up your favorite color and accessories

Because every detail matters!

Custom options

Scroll down to discover all the tonewoods, colours and features among which you can choose to customise your GIG50 Combo.
Moreover, if you truly want something extraordinarily unique and personal, contact us with your idea.


Custom tonewoods for GLB Sound Amp

Wood Colors

Custom colors - GLB Sound Amp


Custom leather handles for GLB Sound Amp


Natural cloth for GLB Sound Amp


Leather piping - GLB Sound - custom option


gigbag- GLB Sound

Custom options involve an extra charge. Contact us for a quotation!

Bring your GIG50 always with you!

Always bring your GIG50 Combo with you (thanks to its small size and weight).
Guitar on shoulder and amp in one hand and you can go wherever you want. It comes with a elegant leather case but if you want a more protective case that also facilitates transportation you can choose the dedicated GIGbag!

The GIGbag

The accessory that completes your GIG50. A semi-rigid bag made entirely by hand in Italy. Available for any GIG50 format, it lets you carry your amplifier wherever you like.
Designed for GIGging around!


Write us an email for informations. We are glad to give you a quotation!

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