The jazz series


We designed the GIG50 series because we wanted to offer jazz players a tube and solid wood instrument. Because we strongly believe that they are the two key sound components that made Jazz great.
Keeping in mind the needs of contemporary jazz players, we make them available in two formats: GIG50 Combo, a light, powerful and smart combo amp for the musician who is always GIGging around but does not want to give up his sound and GIG50 Head + Cabinet for those who do not wish to give up an amplifier outside the choir to play just another ordinary amplifier.

Watch the video to discover the entire building process of our Jazz amplifiers, from the selection of the tonewood to the finest details.


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Head + Cabinet


Designed for those who are not afraid to show off. A light and elegant mini stack. Split the weight of the amplifier and the cabinet and use a modular and flexible diffusion system. An object of extreme elegance that you can keep in the living room as well as on stage.

Available versions: FS, R, SH



The Combo meets the demand of the jazz player who needs a practical, powerful and lightweight instrument. What’s new:

13 kg / 28,5 lb
HFD (High Frequencies Diffuser)
Integrated tilt-back system

Available versions: FS, R

gig50fs - GLB Sound - GIG50 series


gig50r - GLB Sound - GIG50 series


gig50sh - GLB Sound - GIG50 series


gig50fs-combo - GLB Sound - GIG50 series


gig50r-combo - GLB Sound - GIG50 series


GIG50 is available in three models: GIG50FS a pure single-channel with just two kobs (volume and tone); GIG50R equipped with a spring reverb driven by two preamp tubes and GIG50SH, the top class, with a built-in notch filter and a tilted-back speaker panel.
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Listen to GIG50

We suggest you to listen the samples with an high quality audio system, otherwise you’ll hear a distorted sound.

If you are using your notebook speakers, watch the Artists play GIG50 series


Every wood we use has its own tone, its own personality and it was chosen to achieve a specific sound. This way the role of the cabinet shifts from speaker to instrument, from passive to active element of the signal chain. Our aim is to give you a cabinet that enables your guitar to sound at its best.

To understand the differences between the woods visit the GLB Sound Tonewoods page!



The Jensen P12Q has a very warm, mid-focused bite with clear, bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion the P12Q remains well-balanced.
Very warm, mid-focused bite with clear bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion it remains well balanced.

Jensen loudspeakers - glb sound


Elegance is in the details and we dedicate a lot of time and care to every amplifer. Starting from choosing the most resonant boards for the Cabinet and the most beautiful for the head: cause it’s the wood who makes every amplifier unique.

All the amplifiers are enhanced by the leather handle and the leather piping tailor made to define the profile of head and cabinet at their best.

Because we love fine details

“Wood and tubes, a man made tone”

The warmth of the tube’s sound, the light weight and the modern design. A new interpretation of the technology that made history.
Technology, design and a high fidelity sound allows you to hear the voice of your instrument without changing his soul. From now on, you guitar and your amplification will speak the same language

valvestate amp - GLB Sound - GIG50 - tubes


What sound comes to mind if i say “jazz”?
There is no correct answer, there is your answer.
The GIG50 series is born to allow you to relive those feelings. We want to bring to your mind the sounds that made Jazz great. A return to the origins, a return to the tubes and solid wood, a return to handmade, long lasting objects, that truly have a value. We want to offer you amplifiers you can fall in love with, that can be move you, because we are in love with them. When you turn on your GLB Sound you will enter your own world where the noise resets and the only sounds you hear are your guitar and your GIG50, personal as your instrument.
This is the magic of wood, it is always different and always unique.

“Great jazz tone is made by fingers and wood”

Find out the Jazz artists who play with GIG50!


GIG50 is a perfect solution for recording studios. For its high performance it has been chosen by Artesuono Recording Studio.

Amazing sound, extremely quiet, powerful, all-tube, light and easy to carry. The head is customizable with different tubes. No more anonymous amplifiers in MDF covered with black vinyl, which produce more noise than sound … Besides being beautiful, GIG50 has great sound! Guitarists will be thankful!”
Stefano Amerio, Artesuono