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The first valvestate set-up for Archtops

GIG50 is an amp designed for archtop guitars. It is a very high quality amplification set up made of two parts: all tubes head and a Micro cabinet in all the GLB Sound’s tonewoods.
The entire set up is designed to get high definition in harmonics, high definition in clean sound and a very low level of Larsen. All the set-ups are customizable like all the GLB Sound’s products.

All the GLB Sound cabinets are made of tonewood: each one has its own timber, its personality and a different appeal. For this set-up designed for Archtops we have selected the most jazzy tonewoods: sapele, maple and pear. Having a set-up composed of two pieces, head and cabinet, you have just to change the cabinet to achieve a different sound. GIG is available in two versions, FS and R, to meet the needs of every jazz guitarist, from the one that uses effects pedals to the one that just plugs and plays.

Which one do you prefer?


glb sound - gig50fs - head - valvestate amp - amplification lutherie - tonewood - handcrafted in italy

GIG50FS is the most extreme version.
It has only two controls, volume and tone, your fingers’ sole concern will be triggering emotions.



GIG50R has a built in spring tube reverb that allows you to forget everything but the guitar. Three controls, volume, tone and reverb always with the same philosophy, play without any thought


GIG50SH - Steve Herberman Signature

GIG50SH, the signature model designed in collaboration with Steve Herberman. This model has a built-in notch filter and a tilted back speaker panel

Listen to GIG50

We suggest you to listen the samples with an high quality audio system, otherwise you’ll hear a distorted sound.

If you are using your notebook speakers, watch the Artists play GIG50 series

Find out the Jazz artists who play with GIG50!