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Amplification Lutherie

Why amplification lutherie?
GLB Sound is an artisan reality that builds tonewood guitar amplification: it’s a matter of matching the concepts of lutherie and amplification in order to design a new experience of sound. We use tone woods like Sapele, Maple, Walnut and many others, in the same way the finest guitars are built by luthiers. Every wood we use has its own tone, its own personality and it was chosen to achieve a specific sound. This way the role of the cabinet shifts from speaker to instrument, from passive to active element. 
Our mission is to create the best sound for the most demanding guitarists. This sound, in search of perfection, demands refined heads and cabinets crafted by hand with precious woods and top quality materials. The result is a product that reflects years of experience and knowledge of the world of amplification, an expression of the  ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.

The founder Gianluca La Boria
The founder Gianluca La Boria

The importance of a tonewood cabinet
An amp in our point of view should amplify the guitar signal without adding or taking away anything. However the history of amplification teaches us that this is not the case. 
The signal flow starts with an instrument and ends with another and both have to be in harmony, compensating each other to get the pitch balance for a complete and satisfactory sound. Some guitars will sound better with a pear wood cabinet, while other ‘darker’ ones adapt better to oak wood. This is what sets us apart from any other amp brand. 

The beginning of the adventure through the words of the founder Gianluca La Boria
“My passion for sound was born years ago, together with my love for wood; their essences and infinite variables, as much aesthetic as acoustic. I did the first experiments on a Fender DeVille, my first amp; in my opinion it was too ‘heavy’ for the output so I thought about breaking it up: I built a structure – of very bad quality – one for the head and another for the cabinet, and I realised how cabinets mold sounds. Since then I started to consider the cabinet as a musical instrument itself, as if it was actually a guitar. First we had to change the building materials, which led me to the woods, and after countless tests, calculations, and assembly methods, GLB Sound amps were born. “Not just wood, pure tone wood” is our motto. I spend days selecting in detail each board of wood to use for my amps: this is the most time consuming process. Wood for instruments, ‘resonant wood’, is a rare thing: that’s why its price is higher than your traditional one. And since we’re speaking of handmade instruments, it’s essential to respect the fundamental rule of wood: it must sound good.”

We are in love with fine guitars, high-quality sound and design


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