Guitar tonewood cabinets and archtop amplification


We create cabinets unique in the world
and we build them using the best tonewoods


Because it has an astonishing definition,
a ton of dynamics and amazing harmonics.
Are you ready to be part of our world?

Which wood are you?

“Discover which wood you are”
SapeleFor the lovers of versatility
OakFor the gritty sound lovers

It plays for who plays

  •   "If Jimi Hendrix were here, he would have played GLB for sure!"

    Andrea Rigonat
    Andrea Rigonat Elisa
  • GLB cabinets are simply the best "sound tool" for any Jazz professionals. Superb support and perfectly crafted.

    Gaetano Valli
    Gaetano Valli Jazz artist and teacher
  • " Middle frequencies, gain, definition and a real immediate attack. This is what I was looking for. Now, I’ve got it! "

    Max Cottafavi
    Max Cottafavi Ligabue
  • " Grit, Definition and Power. GLB Sound shifts the focus on your fingers! "

    Ghigo Renzulli
    Ghigo Renzulli Litfiba
  • " Tweng, definition and harmonics. These are most important words of my dictionary and now I can sum them with just one cab! "

    Marco Di Maggio
    Marco Di Maggio
  • " I was looking for a reliable and solid sound that supports me ever all along the tour. Now I’ve found it! "

    nestor Nobraino
  • “After the first note I realised I could no longer play without it”

    Mario Schilirò
    Mario Schilirò Zucchero

Know the Showroom

Open for you, a unique place where the magic of sound comes true. 
Come to visit us for a real test drive of our creations with a fully equipped rehearsal room.

Keep in touch with us. Request a Live Demo.

GLB Sound Showroom
via Marittima, 69/b
San Giorgio di Nogaro – UD ITALY